Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday, August 26th

I have only one more day of teaching left. To say that it feels surreal is an understatement. I don't suppose the reality will really hit until all the loose ends are tied up. Which brings me to my favourite topic of's in particular. Three phone calls ago Roger's informed me that in fact we could put our cable TV on hold for $3.95 a month. Two calls ago they added that we would lose all our discounts and that the maximum time that you could put a stop on was 6 months and only once in a calendar year. No stopping and starting. So we decided to cancel completely and I called today to do that. No go. It is not my name on the account and so I cannot discontinue service. On top of that, the service will only be cancelled 30 days after the phone call (which they won't accept from me). Does it never end with that company. I seriously dislike them, and I know why. On top of that, there is going to be a credit. That should prove to be an interesting process to get that taken care of. A great big time waster.

Even better. I need new laces for my $250 dollar hiking boots. Easy enough you think. Not on your life. The eyelets are too small to accomodate a standard shoelace. It has taken me three shoelace purchases to find ones that fit. Why would anyone in their right mind design a boot with eyelets that are too small?

That's all for now. It is easy to rant when no one is listening. I feel better already.

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