Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 3o, 2009

Day three of my year off and I am exhausted already. On friday I took two fabulous young ladies to a late lunch and a movie. They actually provided the movie passes and I bought lunch. I had an absolutely fabulous time. If these two gals are even remotely representative of the next generation we are in darn good hands. When I got home Roger's called to offer me some great deal on a digital box. DUH.

Saturday was off to the market, a pot of coffee at the Molloy's, and then home to clean for friends who were coming to dinner. When they arrived we took them down to the gallery and then home . A fun night of hooting and hollering was had by all. They stayed over and left this morning to go and visit their granddaughter who walked for the first time today. The rest of the day was pretty quiet.

Tomorrow I am off to Montreal to visit my dad. I hope that I find him in better shape than he has sounded on the phone the last couple of days. I tried to pick up some books on CD from the library for the long and boring drive but it was closed. Don't you think that Sunday afternoon is the one time that the library should actually be open? Later.


  1. ok Joanne 'Ca' told me about your I was reading it I realized you were talking about my 'young Ladies' you want them for the year...and by the way if you were teaching this summer how come they didn't take lessons??? I'm so out of it...glad to hear you had a great time with the did they...they felt pretty special...thanks and enjoy... Sky

  2. ok you should have told me that I need to set up an account...of course 'Ca' had to do it because it's to complicated for me..Sky

  3. As usual S. you are hilarious. I would happily take your two and you know it. Happy back to school tomorrow. LOL.