Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July 4th to all our american friends

Dachau was cold, windy and drizzly, fitting for a memorial of this sort. according to the literature the german motto was repress and forget, but a group of survivors decided that there needed to be a memorial and so they rallied the troops and one was opened in the 60.s. it is a fitting memorial...horrible and interesting...not sugar coated, but real. very well done.
back to the residence of the king,s after...terribly ostentatious, and then beer with a british couple. he had lived in toronto as part of his studies, co-op I think, but his job was moving furniture for CBC at night. he got fired for being too noisy and took a job as a security guard. he lived in the beaches with a bunch of guys, and when they took back their beer empties the guy told them that they had to have a special events license for that much beer. we had dinner at the bar..oh my god die for.

Today we went on a walking tour. The guide was fabulous. We learned so much about the history of munich. he was irish by the way. afterwards we went for a beer and spent a good amount of time talking to an older gentleman who was born in munich, but spent some time years ago when he was working in ottawa. he worked for a company that actually printed canadian money.

dinner last night was so delicious that we reproduced it tonight. the liver was equally as fab. back at the hotel. we will catch the bus to memmingen and off to porto tomorrow night.

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