Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 3

Saltzburg was beautiful...just as you would imagine. all about mozart and the sound of music, which interestingly enough the germans know nothing about, or choose to ignore.
By the time we got back we decided to grab a bite around the hotel. we went out exploring and discovered that we are staying in the Turkish neighbourhood. Lots of great little markets and doner kebab places. that might have been our choice , but they were predominantly packed, and mostly with males. Instead we grabbed a piece of pizza, the best I have ever had, go figure, all the way to germany to get great pizza. Mine was prosciutto, arugula and parm, and after he heated it he grated on more parm and drizzled it with balsamic...yum.

We are off to Dachau this morning. probably not the most uplifting day, but it should be interesting. I will report back.

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