Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1,2009

I am sitting in Pte Claire at dad's computer. The trip down the 401 yesterday was uneventful,
thanks to the final chapters in my audio book that took me as far as Cornwall, and my Mama Mia CD that allowed for release of pent-up energy the last 45 minutes. I had to make a quick trip to Chapter's this morning to purchase a new book for the long dull trip home. Gives me a better
appreciation of our public librairies, not that I don't love them already. We went out for mussels and fries..yum...and then I was off to my sisters' for a quick visit before bed. One of my nieces started high school yesterday, and the other one started the first day of her final year today. They were full off P+V.

The weather her has been beautiful. Warm and sunny. Dad and I have been able to get down to the village, over to Stewart Hall, and outside for meals. We will pick up a pizza for dinner, have a glass of homemade wine, and I will be off to my nieces soccer game. Hopefully I will be able to meet with the doctor tomorrow...four ears are better than two, and then I will hop in the echo for the ride home. Until then, Happy Birthday Eby.

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