Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday November 8

Our last full day in Paris. It has been a lazy Sunday here and we have felt it too. Stores for the most part stay closed and the city is pretty quiet. We headed out in the morning to see a couple of photography exhibits. One was by the winner of the Beaux Art and white photos of animals. To my eyes it just didn't sing. They all looked like he couldn't keep his camera still. Then off to another exhibit...Thirty Years in Iran. The pictures were marvellous, but there was no english at all, and no english audio guide so a lot of the history was lost on me. Then lunch and another big walk.

It is so sweet to see all the children out scootering along the street dressed to perfection. They all look like a million bucks. Europeans all dress their children beautifully.

We went to the Canadian Bar for a beer after the boat cruise and it was full of Americans watching American college football. Lots from Louisianna...go figure. Then it was off to the The Academie of Biere for some mussels. We had a great conversation with a french couple. We were commenting on how slim everyone is, and she said, not as slim as the Italians. I said what about all the pasta. Granted she said, but they eat only three raviolis and then just have coffee for dinner. We had a good chuckle about that.

Last note from abroad. Tomorrow we will be back in our own bed. It has been a great ride. Talk to everyone soon

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