Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday November 1

Big day in Barcelona. After going for local coffee, a particularly good cup, I might add, we headed downtown. Thought we would start at the Picasso but the line was far too big, so off to the history museum. Very interesting. Good to get a handle on the local history. Then down to the beach and the Olympic Village. Passed by tons of soccer fields where teams of all ages were lying on the ground faking injuries.

Then a big hike up to the unfinished Gaudi church. It is wild and whimsical, and worth a look, but a bit over the top. Goodness knows when it will be finished...some say 30 and others 50 years. It will certainly be a masterpiece when completed.

Off to lunch in the Ribera. A bit off really good tapas and a glass of read wine. We decided to give the Picasso another crack. As it turns out-the first Sunday of the month is free-hence the line-ups. We decided to line up. It was definitely worth the wait. The early Picasso was typical portraits anbd very well done. Then he moved to the country and did landscapes similar to the group of seven. After was caricatures, he seemed to have a sense of humour, and finally the Picasso we know. His abstracts were his interpretations of some of the old masters. I would say about 50% of the pictures were donated by Picasso himself in 1970. Very interesting.

Back to the hostel and dinner in. Rice and stir- fried vegetables. Not very exciting, but pretty darn good after a big day of walking. We will see what tomorrow brings. Early to bed and early to rise. Until next time.

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