Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday November 4

We arrived in Nice last night after an easy flight and were picked up by the the owner of the b and b. Very kind.

Spent the morning exploring the city. The water is amazing, the most georgous colour of blue. We are back in France so things are expensive again. Even computer time is a fortune. This afternoon we went out to Monte carlo for a look around. We visited the casino that you see in the movies, and unbelievably, they let us in...but the clincher was a ten euro charge. We took a pass, that was more than we would have bet. We went to the poor mans casino where they let the plebs in for free, gerry bet five euros on some blackjack game, doubled his money, and we left, thrilled. Monte carlo is just banks, shopping, casinos, hotels and thousands of security cameras...lovely nevertheless. We are heading out to find something to eat. no plans yet for tomorrow but it is so nice to sleep in our own room.

A bientot

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