Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday June 24

WELL THE WHOLE BULL THING was very odd. They lead a bull around town with thousands in pursuit. They have some control i guess, but when the bull dashes the whole crowd runs. Not a barrier in sight, no police or ambulance and the whole crowd drinking euro beer. There was a huge party after with a band that sounded like they were outside our romm, oh ya they were, singing until 3 am. The singer just gor flatter and flatter as the night went on. when he wrapped it up they played canned music until 5am. when we left at 6 to walk the diehards were still going strong. We did go for a nice meal however....local cheese , cured meats, and braised pork cheeks served on grilled pinapple. Yum.

Short walk yesterday through the most beautiful scenery that I have ever seen. Vegeatation like nothing else. For dinner the sardinians put on a spread...we supplied the wine. 15 euros for 10 litres. a good time was had by all, and yes. most of it was leftover for the next gang.

we are now in spain again. just like comung home. i love it. spending the night in Tui. it reminds me of quebec city. Went out for 2 beers in search of something to eat, bur after a bowl of olives, a basket of potato chips, and two glasses of nuts we were sufficiently sufficed. all for the grand sum of 6 euros. i am moving here!!!!

putting in a big day tomorrow so it will be an early night. Really hard to find an internet cafe, everything is wifi, and everyone is amazingly well plugged in. But we will keep on trying. In the meantime.

Buen Caminol

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