Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22

We cobbled together a great salad last night with lettuce from the garden and fresh vegetables from the market. yum. another early night for me. I had so forgotten about the achey feet, but today they are feeling stronger. Sleep is a bit elusive, what with all the snorers.

The walk today was absolutely beautiful. it was perfect weather and most of the path was shaded. we arrived in ponte limayou have nte lima at noon today, and the albergue didn´t open until 5. Ridiculous. A really nice town, but with nowhere to leave our gear we had to hang around until opening. sorry but i can´t fix my typing problem.

Tonight there is a big festival, and i guess the whole country shuts down tomorrow. They will let a bull loose in the street at 7 and he runs madly around town until 9. we have been warned to be very careful. some old greek custom i think. anyway i will report back. hope all is well

buen camino

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