Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27

Pontevedra was a really beautiful city. we joined a gang for a great chinwag and lots of laughs. it was great to be in a pensione last night. a bath felt heavenly, and a good nights sleep without smell and snoring was a real treat. We went out for dinner late...i had octopus, a specialty of this region and it was delicious.

We left early this morning as the albergues are really busy with spaniards doing the last 100 kilometres to get their compestela. it changes the whole flavour of the walk. The albergue is packed tonight in calda da reis. there are mattresses and bodies everywhere. Should make for an interesting sleep. it is my understanding that the young people have a better chance of a job with this on their resume. Everybody was snoozing has taken a day for that hot and brutal walk to catch up with everyone. there are some natural hot springs in this city and though I don´t have the gear for the baths, i think that i will stick my feet in later.

All in all a pretty quiet day. We only did about 23 kilometeres but my feet were aching by the end. the biggest problem....not one single cafe on the way!!!! I was in serious withdrawal. hope your weather is as good as ours.

Buen Camino

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