Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday October 31

I hate to continue with all the superlatives but it seems that each corner you turn around in Spain is better than the previous. Granada was wonderful. Half an hour from the ski hillks of the Sierra Nevadas and an hour and a half from the beach. Every drink ordered comes with a free tapas, and the city has a wonderful feel to it.

The Alhambra was great though the history is really the most interesting. Until 1492 all religions lived in peace even though they were under Muslim rule. Then all hell broke loose...literally. The Christions weren´t very tolerant to say the least.

We were up at the crack of dawn to catch the bus to the airport. Everything was going along swimmingly...the plane taxied down the runway, did a circle and returned to it´s starting position. The pilot announced "one of our passengers has chosen not to travel with us today, so will shall await the arrival of the police, she will be removed, and we will continue." The police arrived, an argument ensued (we couldn´t hear it) and the woman was removed. On we went 45 minutes late. I don´t really know what happened but I understand she chose not to comply with something.

Barcelona is super busy. It is the way I think that New York would feel. Granted it is a long week-end. The hostel is not downtown, but on the metro line, so a little quieter. We explored the main area this afternoon, but will really tackle it tomorrow. No real Halloweén here, although we see the odd costumed person. Hard to know what is going on for sure, because it seems that anything goes in this big city.

Happy Hallowén to all. Hope everyone is practising and studying hard. I will be home before you know it.

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