Friday, March 5, 2010

friday march 5

well we made it. the 8 dollar bus got us back to bangkok from cambodia. we had to walk across the border and wait for immigration, but it all worked out in the end. when we were between countries the kids came begging. they carry their baby siblings in slings and it is really difficult to tell if these kids are alive or dead. i swear that some of them are not living any longer. anyway, the kids saw some palm sugar in my backpack, it is the cambodian equivalent of maple sugar, and they asked if they could have it. i gave them one pack and they went crazy. i insisted that they share, and they did. i just gave up the other two packs and you would have thought that they had won the lottery.
we are staying in another area in bankgkok, and it is great. we are on the sky train line and so are seeing a different part of the city. we went to the jim thompson house this morning. very lovely. then we spent part of the day on the river.fabulous. tomorrow we fky to phuket to spend a few days at the beach. the weather is still perfect. hope things are heating up in toronto. until tomorrow.

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