Wednesday, March 3, 2010

wednesday march 3

we have spent the last two days at the temples. they are miraculous, but two solid days of stone is enough. the tuk-tuk driver and guide picked us up at 7:30. the guide was the most open and chatty person that i have met yet. we had to work hard to understand his english, but it was doable. he rhymed off the facts about the temples, but what he really wanted to hold court on, was cambodian politics and history. he was a man of many opinions and happy to share them. he is a hindu who hates buddhists, thinks tht all the monks are on the take, feels that all the border countries are trying to steal cambodia's land, particularly hates Thailand, and doesn't think that the Vietnamese shouldb e allowed to move freely into cambodia. we are tired of being bombarded by children selling us non-stop and are looking forward to getting back to Thailand.

we tried to get a flight to Bangkok, but it was going to cost us 400 dollares plus a 50 dollar departure fee so we opted for the bus. it leaves at 7:30 tomorrow and costs 8 bucks each, no departure tax. i asked her if that included the bus. LOL. we will see. you have to walk across the border and get another bus on the other might be another adventure happening. i will report back. still hot and humid here. hope all is well in canada.

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