Monday, March 1, 2010

monday march 1

we are in siem reap. the little bit that we have seen looks quite nice.

the restaurant that we wanted to eat at last night was closed, so we ended up at a little place by the hotel with lianne and mike. it only had about four tables and doubled as a bike shop, bike tour place, and laundromat. the guys running all these various factions also cooked, and the food was excellent. at the same time they were having a good-bye party for their friend. they were absolutely hilarious and we had a great evening. we ended up for a beer later, and of course all the kids are out hawking all sorts of goods for the tuk-tuk guys who are pimping them. lianne, being a community worker, was all into it. she was talking up the kids, their mothers and the pimps. mike was like "i am not madonna"i guess you had to be there. we ended back there for breakfast. i took a chance on a bacon and egg sadwich, i haven't seen bacon here yet, and it was delicious. then it was off to the bus to siem reap. we arrived at about 6, checked into our hotel. organized a tuk-tuk and guide for tomorrow and grabbed some dinner. we are off to the temples tomorrow. perhaps we will see angelina jolie (tomb raider) until then.

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