Saturday, March 13, 2010

saturday march 13

we are back in singapore as of yesterday afternoon. it was great to see diana and jim again. diana of course put out a nice spread for a late lunch, and then invited us to a good -bye pool party for one of their neighbours. then it was off to sentosa to see the new casino complex that has recently opened. talk about culture shock...and serious gambling. we slept in a bit today, had one of diana's delicious breakfasts, and then headed back to the beach on sentosa island. everything in singapore is "go big or go home" and this was no exception. volleyball courts, paddle boats, bars, swimming and a "surfing ride", they have it all. the soon to be opened universal studios will just be the icing on the cake. this afternoon just happened to be a" 50 man hunk competion day". it was a hoot. if signed up to join singapore's longest limbo dance you got two free drinks and a loot bag. we of course signed on. turned out to be an entertaining afternoon. we are back at diana's now where she will cook a delectable meal, and have some friends drop by. they have quite the life here.

we thoroughly enjoyed our six days on the beach in our hut. not much to report as our days consisted of reading, eating and walking the beach. we had such fun with all the young people that we met, the food was amazing, and the owners, Malcolm and Koy, a delight. i have volunteered to run the place for them, should the stress of sitting on the beach every day necessitate (?) a holiday. they said they would keep me in mind. a few more days and we are home. i can't believe that it is coming to an end.

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