Sunday, March 7, 2010

monday. march 8

we made an enquiry at our hotel in bangkok as to the cost of a taxi to the airport. 25 bucks. i don't think so, so we left ourselves lots of time and took public transportation. 90 cents to the end of the skytrain line, and another 1.25 by mini van directly to the airport, we made it in such good time that we were even able to hop on an earlier flight to phuket. sometimes things just work out.
we got a cab to our guesthouse on phuket. we are on phuket island but up at the north end where it is very quiet. we have a little thatched hut on the beach..paradise. we were going to move from here after a couple of days but have decided against it. the only downside is there is no internet or any other means of communication. today we came into town to do some banking, and book a flight to singapore. we are flying back to singapore on friday the 12th, and i will resume contact then. don't feel too sorry for us.LOL.
the only bad news. when gerry opened my backpack to get the camera out it had been stolen. they took the camera and left the case. we guess that it happened at the airport. not that the pictures were great or the camera worth much, but there go our memories.
we are in the town of phuket at the moment. there must be a nice area, but it isn't here. time to head back to the beach.
i will be in touch again from Diana's. all the best.

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