Friday, March 5, 2010

saturday march 6

we had dinner last night at "cabbages and condoms" another one of those restaurants with a social conscience. we ate on the terrace which was all lit up with fairy lights, and had a young woman playing traditional music. for the first time since we left home the bill tacked on a service charge, then put tax on the total amount. that left a really bad taste in my mouth. then we dropped in for a beer at an american bar...met a couple of real characters living here in thailand from the states. lots of good stories.
this morning we headed off early to the week-end market. there is absolutely everything there. so much so that it is totally overwhelming. you have to see the animal section to believe it. the sweetest puppies ever. we spoke to an australian woman who told us that they are well cared for..we can only hope.
we catch a flight to phuket this evening. we have booked a little hut on the beach so may be out of communication for a few days. we'll see.

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