Saturday, February 27, 2010

sunday february 28

we are in phnom penh. there is an incredible amount of infrastructure for a country that has only really been at it for 20 years, but it is for the most part painfully poor, particularly the rural areas where there is no electricty or sanitation, only cellular service.

we spent two days getting here by boat and bus. it was a good little trip and once again we met a good little group from all over. we spent the night in chau doc where we dined with four of our bus mates. the food was good, but you have never seen so many flies in your life. not house flies, but midges of some type, completely covering everything.
the trip up the mekong yesterday was hot and interesting. the rural people really use the river. they appear to be completely self-sufficient. we joined a young couple from Scotland for dinner last evening, and we are meeting them again tonight and goint to one of these reataurants run by street kids. should be fun. we had a local specialty last night...amok. it had a thai taste, and after the bland vietnamese food it was a pleasant surprise.

today we went to the killing fields and S-21. a very depressing morning, and i think that we are in need of a 60 cent beer. the atrocities are mind-boggling.

tomorrow we hop on a bus at noon and head up to siem reap. weare looking forward to this leg.
i will report back on angkor wat.

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