Thursday, January 21, 2010

friday january 22

we are at the coffee shop and will leave shortly to cath the bus to the airport and off to singapore. hello diana and jim.
some musings on HK. there are public toilets everywhere that are clean, well stocked and attendant free. there is either little crime or drugs or both. there are mcdonalds and starbucks on every corner. the prices at the mcdonalds are so much lower than at home. in no time this slim nation will all be looking like us westerners. i am not sure how the cost of living compares, but the subway is 80 cents, the tram 30 and the ferry 25. getting around is cheap. we were in the ladies market and a fellow approached us when he heard us szpeaking english.turns out he is from newmarket. go figure. then we were walking upto peak tram and we ran onto a german woman from the camino who is a mid-wife here to deliver a friends baby. small world.
can't say i'm sorry to leave the hostel. it was so damp my washed underwear haven'tdried in two days.
oh well, onward and upward. from singapore next time.

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