Friday, January 29, 2010

saturday january 30

the singapore zoo is something to see. they have done an amazing job. the night zoo, though a bit gimmicy is lots of fun as well. you get a chance to see the nocturnal guys that are always asleep every other time that you go to the zoo. like every other place in singapore there is good eating. no mcdonalds at this this zoo..fabulous local food.
yesterday we decided to book Chiang Mai before we headed out for the day. not much selection at the hostels, things are busy in this neck of the woods. it was the changi museum yesterday, a very interesting history of the japanese occupation during the second world ward, then back to chinatown and a visit to the buddhist temple and museum. fascinating stuff. today it will be off to the hindu temple for thaipassan, a festival where young men get piercings through their body, and then carry goods on the sticks that are pierced through the body, for 4 kilometres. i am not sure of the signifigance, but will find out more today. d is preparing breakfast as i write. every morning it is a plate of fresh fruit, passionfruit yoghurt with homemade granola, and toast. great coffee and great conversation. better than the fairmont i am sure. i will let you know about today's festivities.

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