Sunday, January 31, 2010

february 1

here we are singapore airport enroute to bangkok. the good times are over. now i can't even brush my teeth with anything but bottled water. my salad days are on hold, but to be honest there is no shortage of food anywhere around these parts.
singapore is a truly amazing place. it is so perfect that it is surreal. people are kind and friendly and everyone gets along. there is no garbage anywhere, the public transit system is fast, efficient, user friendly, and cheap and it appears that there are two major pastimes...eating and shopping.
d and j live in a lovely home in a great location with easy access to the whole city. they are superlative hosts, bailey the dog is tons of fun and with help from Ria d doesn't need to stress too much about cleaning. what a great life.

i am not sure what kind of internet acces i will have in the next little while, but i will do my best.
happy shovelling.

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