Saturday, January 23, 2010

sunday january 24

fun day yesterday. we walked through d and j neighgourhood enroute to the botanical gardens. stopped by a beautiful chinese antique store located in a fabulous residence. the gardens are large, lush, full of families and beautiful. then it was off to Orchard Rd. and a visit to a brand new mall. one of many here in Singapore. they are full of high-end stores...think Harry Winston, Coach, Louis Vuitton, get the idea...but the amazing thing is that people are actually buying. we had lunch in the food court. no fast food here.a fabulous malaysian meal for about three bucks. on the way back we stopped at pierre's, the wine purveyor, who imports only from France. He opens and talks about the wine, we sip, and then we make our purchase. No magnotta here unfortunately. then home for a gand t and a swim.
in the evening it was off to chinatown for the start of chinese new year. all the lights were on, the streets were packed, fireworks were roaring, and a good time was being had by all. next stop, the riverfront. this is the entertainment district on the river. it is stunning.we stopped by a cuban club for the very best mojita i have ever tasted, with a live cuban band, and the occasional se asian couple trying their hand at the tango. the execution was good, but the latin passion, not so. finished off with a glass of wine by the river, and home to bed. what a lifestyle.


  1. What happened to the camino lifestyle....seems long forgotten!
    have fun


  2. so cool to be there for Goong Hey Fa Choy time, JB. you rarely mention Gerry.did J&D have to pull him out of another brothel.enjoy