Wednesday, January 27, 2010

thursday january 28

yesterday was a big fun day in singapore. we started with an indian breakfast of idli's and dosa's and then had a tour of little italy. the highlight was definitely the hindu temple with all it's small colourful god stations with different ceremonies going on in each. the temple is a cocophony of colour and smell. we still don't know the sisnifigance of the people who colour their hair yellow with what appears to be a chalk. from there it was off to the famous raffles hotel, a beautiful place, and no we, did not have a thirty dollar singapore sling. from there it was down to the waterfront where tons of construction is going on. they are building a huge casino complex with a hotel that is something to behold. also down there is their very lovely theatre. back to diana and jims for a swim and dinner.
this morning diana is off to her opainting class and we are going to bike over to the reservoir jungle for another big long walk in the hopes of seeing the monkeys again. later today we will go to the regular zoo and the night zoo. endless fun.

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