Sunday, January 24, 2010

monday january 25

yesterday started with a leisurely breakfast then off to get our visa pictures done. it was hilarious. she handed gerry a comb, then asked him if he would like to put on a jacket. she made me take down and comb my hair, then stopped the pictures to flatten out some flyaway hairs, and finally told me where to put my hands "to make my shoulders appear smaller." at the end she photoshopped out all the redness and sent us on our way.
next it was off to the arabic area to see the mosque and all the great little shops.i will definitely go back there before i return home. great batik inn beautiful colours of provence. d and j had a wedding to attend so gerry and i spent some time on the computer figuring out our next move. looks like the weather in north vietnam is not great so we think that we will strart in Thailand. we wandered up to the local strip plaza to grab some dinner. pad thai, red curry, rice and a tofu hot plate with vegetables...yum and only 20 sing dollars...about 14 or 15 canadian.
we are going to head out shortly to the vietnamese embassy to see if we can get our visas organized, then off to the museum. another fun day ahead.
this skype stuff that they have here is amazing. i have spoken to more people at home from here than i do at home. ah technology.

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