Monday, January 18, 2010

monday january 18

here we go again. the plane leaves at just after midnight tonight and gets us to hong kong wednesday at 5 am. i was hoping that my typing skills would have improved before i started to blog again. i down-loaded mavis beacon, but it was only a two day trial, so i didn't get much beyond fff fff ddd ddd,so for the sake of time, i am going to leave out the capitals and see if that speeds up my output even a bit. no secretarial job for me when i return.
thank you for all the "driving to the airport offers." in keeping with the style of travel we will try the viva and go bus again. this time i leave the timeline to gerry as you all know the outcome from the last trip. running down yonge street, paniced, trying to hail a cab.
it is my understanding that internet cafes are plentiful and cheap and so i will do my best to stay up-dated.
the next entry, if everything runs according to plan, will be from hong kong. see you all there

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