Wednesday, January 20, 2010

thursday january21

we are here in hong kong!!!
i amtrying to post this from a public computer andthe spacebar is jammed. there are no internet cafes around. i guess everyone is wired up at home.
we made it in good time to the airport, in fact we had our own private limo/gobus. everything went smoothly, but asusual they suspected that i was a terrorist. they made me standon the rubber mat holdingup the whole line until they could get an available female to check my chest and my hair. Please. Anyone can tell bylooking atmethat there is no bomb on my chest, and absolutely no where to hide one. the flight was long but went by amazingly quickly with good inflight entertainment. i played who wants to be a millionare butcame out broke.
we arrived at 5 in the morning, went to our very sparse and heldtogether with duct tape hostel, and because the room wasn't ready, struck out on a walking tour of Kowloon.Think of a gigantic Spadina and Dundas, and you have the picture. People everywhere..but a surprising lackof cars and almost zero bikes and motorcycles. We fell into bed at 6 so exhaustedthat we couldn't speak. The rock hard mattress didn't even bother me, although I could have used a softer pillow.
we are off to hongkong island after this coffee for another fullday of sightseeing.
food is a bit off a probem. but yesyerday morning, starving, i just pointed to whatthe other lady was eating and it worked out fine.
we are off. will write soon.

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