Monday, January 25, 2010

tuesday january 26

yesterday was off to the vietnamese embassy to get our visas. they will be ready to be picked up on monday, so d and j are stuck with us a little bit longer. we will head right from there to Bangkok. next stop was an ex-pat area similar to the Danforth where we stopped for some absolutely delicious lime juice and then hopped on a bus downtown to the museum. after the museum it was lunch in a "food court" teppenyakki...delicious. i had oysters that were fresh,creamy and perfectly cooked. the malls here are something to behold. there are three louis vuitton stores on the one stretch and they are all busy. people shop like i have never seen. back to d and j's for dinner.
this morning we went for a nature walk in this gargantuan park smack dab in the centre of Singapore. there were monkeys along the path so close that we could have touched them. the babies were playing all around. it was amazing and oh so cute. there was also a canopy walk. lunch was "chicken rice" a singapore specialty. it was ok, but there is just so much better food all around. i am shocked that the people here are all so tiny. the food is fabulous, and people seem to be eating all the time. all the best. will talk soon.
well, off to the pool for a swim. it is hot and humid. above thirty everyday with no rain.

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