Friday, February 5, 2010

friday february 5

the flight from bangkok was uneventful. going through security is so painless it is laughable. the gal looked at my passport, commented on the great colour of my lipstick, smiled and said have a good day. i decided to check my bag for the first time. just because. when i went to retrieve it at the other end it wasn't there...last bag to come out. only me.
we spent the day wandering around the old city. one of the wats had a "talk to the monk" spot. it was very interesting. you could ask him anything that you wanted. i got a lot of my questions answered. the oddest thing is that they can't take part in any sport or physical exercise.
today we started with breakfast out. no breakfast at the hotel. i had sticky rice and mango. fab. we sat with an older couple from germany and three young people from italy. interesting conversation and the young italian gentleman was very easy on the eyes. we spent the rest of the day visiting other parts of the city n foot, and ended up with a massage. gerry's gal was fabulous and mine was completely useless. i thought that my head was going to blow off. i don't like being touched..painful massage i don't mind, but this was just awful. i bit my tongue, sucked it up and soldiered on. for 5 bucks you can't kick up too much of a fuss. we are just looking at cooking schools and i will keep you posted.

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