Friday, February 19, 2010

saturday february 20

we arrived in hoi an yesterday at about 5. it is everything that we hoped it would be. a really lovely city. this time we took a tourist bus and got here without a hitch. the only problem was that the hotel didn't have our reservation so they sent us to one of their sister hotels for the night. better location, but not nearly as nice. today we are at the hotel that we booked and it is lovely. we went out for dinner along the river and met some great people. they are having the same travel problems as we are, due to tet, so they have decided to rent a van and driver to take them to na thrang on monday. we are in. should be a lot of fun. the sun is finally back and the weather is grand. what a difference it makes. hoi an is on the river and at night it is all lit up and stupendous. we did a bit of shopping today, gerry even lived dangerously and got a haircut.
we are heading back out to the streets and will meet our travelling companions for a drink at 7.
more hoi an news to follow.

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  1. Gerry and Joanne
    very much enjoying the news of your escapades. Keep the postings coming!
    That story of the train trip sounds as if it will take dinner and a bottle of wine to get through
    when we get together!
    have fun

    Bob and Bev