Saturday, February 6, 2010

saturday february 6

last night we decided to go to a restaurant recommended in frommers. of course we wandered aimlessly looking for it. i had the wrong address in my head, but eventually it was located. it was northern thai and the food was fabulous. the best food that we have had yet...and it has all been darn good. the place was lovely. tablecloths and beautiful decor...all for the princely sum of 12 bucks, that included four dishes and two beers.
today was off to the flower parade. it was spectacular. i haven't seen the rose bowl live, but i am guessing that this parade would give it a run for its' money. communities far and wide participated with beautiful floats all created out of flowers, people in native dress, and every marching band that is in existence in northern thailand. the floats ended up at the park with a huge botanical show, booths of every kind, and of course food as far as the eye can see. all these people do is eat, and they are all rail thin.
we are off to a cooking course tomorrow. we chose one that is out of the city so that we can have a day in the country. "sammy" seemed really nice, there are only 6 people per session, and he has an organic farm.should be fun.
everybody negotiates really hard here. sometimes it just seems so cheap, but i guess that is how business is done. the standard fare to the airport here is 120 baht about 4 dollars. the girls behind me just talked him down to 70. seems like it would hardly cover his gas.
not sure about dinner plans yet. we just scoped out a spot for the superbowl at 6 on monday morning, and then on tuesday we are off to laos. weather here is hot- even for chaing mai. later

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