Sunday, February 7, 2010

sunday february 7

we had to change hotels as the one we were in could not accomodate us for two additional nights. we managed to get one just across the street. wandered the saturday night market last night. gerry is marketed out. they are all similar...tons of people, goods and food. off to dinner after. we found a lovely place where we could get a glass of wine with our thai food. a real treat.
today we went to sammy's organic cooking school. it was fabulous. he has a place in the country with his wife and two year old. the only others in the class were a gal from Taiwan and her 15 year old nephew. we had a blast. i think that i can manage pad thai quite handily now. we are so stuffed that we can barely move. no running around looking for dinner tonight, but we will pay a visit to the sunday night market.
tomorrow morning we are off to some joint to watch the superbowl. since we are twelve hours ahead i will know the outcome long before you. LOL!!! care to bet??
talk tomorrow.

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  1. I finally caught up with your travels. Emil and I just came back from Julie's cheerleading competition in Atlanta. The city in not nearly as iteresting as some of the places you've visited. You 2 are amazing how you just go with the flow and enjoy all the different places and people even when there is difficulty. The gallery lounge reopens this week. We will have a glass of wine for you both.