Monday, February 1, 2010

tuesday february 2

we are in bangkok. it is fun and fabulous. one final note on singapore. we flew air tiger, which is a budget airline. the budget airlines have their own terminal..i guess they don't want the plebs mingling. but what a terminal! there is free computer access with an abundance of working computers. there are beautiful tv's scattered about and the speakers are in the seats.there is food and drink and anything else you may wish to purchase, and there are free foot massage machines. sometimes i think we have a lot to learn. the flight to bangkok was uneventful. yea.
we arrived in bangkok, got a bus to our area, and then walked for two hours looking for our inn. we finally found it. it is great. a great location and free breakfast which consisted of real food. fabulous fried rice, stir-fried beef, salad, and the usual breakfast stuff. minus the peanut butter. we wandered around the area last evening. it is perfect. a giant beer costs 3 bucks and a plate of food about 2. people have advised against eating the street food, but is is tempting, it all looks so good.
this morning we got scammed into a ride around bangkok by tuk-tuk. the driver got so fed up with us not buying anything that he dumped us at one of the temples and disappeared..oh well it didn't cost us anything. today is a buddhist holiday so a lot of the temples are closed. finding our way back was a bit of a challenge as reading a map here is almost impossible and the people either don't speak english or only want to help if you are going to buy something from them. anyway, alls well that ends well. the adventure continues.

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