Thursday, February 18, 2010

thursday february 18

we arrived in hue about 1:30 and have had a chance to visit the city and see the imperial palace. no much else going on here, and we are heading off to hoi an tomorrow afternoon. it is also a unesco world heritage sight so should be quite lovely. it has been overcast the whole time we have been in vietnam, but fortunately we have managed to escape the rain.
the last twenty four hours have been challenging. the train ride was an experience that Gerry absolutely refuses to re-visit. i will spare all the gory details at this time, suffice to say that it wasn't pretty. we survived however, and will live to tell the tale. it was a total of 17 hours and gerry insists that conditions in the don jail are better.
other than the train it has been a quiet day.
next report will be from hoi an. we are chasing the sun, but haven't found it quite yet.
hope all is well at home.

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