Sunday, February 14, 2010

sunday february 14

happy valentines day, chinese new year, and tet.
we have arrived in hanoi. it is cold and drizzly.
for our last night in luang prabang we decided to go to a touristy place where they had traditional music, dance and food. it was good fun even if a bit pricey.
news flash!! big emergency. someone stole my lipstick. yes my lips are naked. i already lost the lipliner and now someone has taken my lipstick. i left it in the bathroom at the guest house and someone there took it! i ripped the room apart to no avail, but believe me i know exactly where i left it.
back to the blog. gerry has been feeling under the weather since last evening. i hope that it was just something he ate. he hasn't had any appetite today and is now in bed. hopefully tomorrow he will be better.
this morning we went out to the elephant conservation park to ride the elephants, have lunch, go for a river ride and then back. it was great fun on the elephants. i got to ride bareback sitting on her head. i've never done that before. then it was off to the airport and on our way to vietnam. security in loas is just a suggestion, and entering viet nam was a piece of cake.
with everything shut down for tet, i am not sure what the next two days have in store. i tried to cas some travellers cheques and the gal told me that the banks won't open until next monday...8 days away. the girl at the desk here at the guest house tells me that i won't be able to get a plane, train, or bus for the next few weeks. it wouldn't be the end of the world except that it is cold here. i veel your pain.
i will let you know where this all goes. until then...happy Tet.

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