Monday, February 8, 2010

monday february 8

this morning we were up at 6 to watch the superbowl at a local sportsbar. we met a great guy from portland maine last night and he joined us. a good time was had by all. fortunately the best team one. what made it so much fun, however, was a young american from new orleans. he was so pumped that he made it fun for everyone. it turns out that he lives here and has a small mexican restaurant.
we went off to the bus station to pick up our tickets for the bus trip to chiang kong tomorrow. a 6 and a half hour bus ride for 7 dollars each. we will get our visas to laos at the border, hopefully, walk across the bridge, and be in laos tomorrow night. on tuesday morning we will get on a slow boat, two full days, to luang prabang. this will be an adventure!!! l
there is a good chance that i won't be able to get back on the blog for 3 days or so. we won't have disappeared off the face of the earth, just incommunicato.
thailand has been fabulous and we look forward to returning before we head back to singapore.
until then.

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  1. Hey Joanne and Gerry looks like you are having ag reat trip...what an adventure...enjoy!
    Sky, Joe ,Camille and Céleste