Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday September 25

We have arrived in Logrono after a very pleasant day of walking. It has been sunny with a cool breeze.

Estella was a beautiful city. The alberque was as I remember it. Incense burning, crotchety hospitalero, and really close beds. We went out for dinner with a very nice gentlman from Paris, a fellow from Montreal and an Irish gal. Oh yes, and most importantly, beer in the vending machine.

The next day was hot and beautiful, and we left for Los Arcos. We managed to get lost twice, really very difficult to do given the waymarkings...much to the amusement of some of our young friends. Gerry stopped to pick up a brace for his knee. Memories of our Danish friend. In Los Arcos we decided to push on to Torres del Rio, but by the time we got to Sansol we figured we had better grab a bed as it iwas very busy and I thought that there was only one small private albergue. It turns out that there is a brand new albergue, but that too was full. There have to be double the pilgrims this year over last.
We cooked a communal meal and had a great time with the other pilgrims so all is well that ends well.
The line up for beds here in Logrono snakes down the block with more pilgrims arriving all the time. What is this about? I dread to see the numbers nest year given that it is a holy year.
We will join our Irish couple for dinner tonight. We are going out for Tapas. It is a wine festival here so it shoud be a good time. They are leaving tomorrow for Barcelona. We will miss them. She is a cellist, and they are tons of fun. All for now

Buen Camino

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