Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, September 28

We have arrived in Belorado and are staying at the same albergue as last year. It is a bit rough around the edges, no hot water at all, but wonderful hospitaleros and we will be able to cook a communal meal. A lot of our crew are only going as far as Burgos, so we won´t see many of them after tomorrow. One of our friends got bed-bugs last night in the spanking new albergue, so I have been giving him a hand with care. Everytime I scratch I freak out. This and lice. please no.

Santo Domingo is a really fabulous place. it is the 900th anniversary of the miracle. A chicken and a hen rose from the dead and they have been celebrating ever since. The albergue raises the fowl, and they are housed in the cathedral. And what a cathedral it is. Spectacular. The algergue had a state of the art kitchen and so we had dreams of a gourmet dinner....not to be, everything is closed on sunday in spain except for Panaderia´s where you can get bread, pastries galore, and candy. Things on a plate once again. This time with sardines for me!! It was amazingly busy, and there are two Paraodores there. These are luxury state run hotels that are just georgous. Perhaps we will treat ourselves at the end.

We had a bit of a problem this morning. We got lost. And I mean LOST. Not a hot clue where we were. You might think that a tour of the countryside would be pleasant, but it was dark, so we saw very little , and it added about five kilometres to our day. Boo hoo. All is well that ends well. We are ensconsed for the night and it should be fine.

Until next time.

Buen Camino

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