Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday, September 23 I think

We have arrived in Estella. The weather was absolutely georgous today. Sun, sun, and more sun,

There was a communication problem with my friend in Pamplona and we never did hook up. I don´t know whether I gave him the wrong day, or forgot to send the confirmation e-mail, but we arrived at his house and he was not there. Every cloud has a silver lining however, and it meant a very enjoyable evening in Pamplona. A beautiful, vibrant and clean city. Wine and pinxos-delicious, and the whole town was out in the evening. A state of the art hostel...better than a five star hotel. Hey N, even Miele washing machines!

It was off to Obamas yesterday---sorry, Obanos, the president did not invite me for dinner. Small town, very quiet. Past the almond orchards, the fig trees and the most glorious fields of red peppers. Things on a plate for dinner. Tomato, cheese, tuna and sausage.

Hope the good weather holds.

Buen Camino


  1. Glad your weather finally improved and you got your laundry done. We'll remember you while we raise our glasses of wine at the Anniversary Show this evening. No wine for me after that until I'm finished the half marathon on Sunday morning which is suppose to be rainy. Boo Hoo. Keep smiling you two.

  2. Gerry in wet clothing is so sweet to hear, better yet, you with wine, perfect. Seriously though, great to hear that weather is improving.
    Enjoy the stroll and keep Gerry away from all sheep and cattle.


  3. Have a great marathon L. By now the show is over and I hope that it was a roaring success.
    Good to hear from you S. Hope all is well in TO.
    GREAT WEATHER NOW, but I hear that it has been great in Canada as well.