Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday, September 17

Missed our hookup last night, so we decided to go to Sacre Couer alone. Everybody in Paris answers your questions..but they just make up an answer. No such thing as "I don't know" We got as far as Garde du Nord station and that was it. The print on the map was ineligible, the station was impossible to navigate without directions and we were getting hungry. Came back to our hotel area and ate at an absolutely fabulous (and affordable) restaurant.

Today was off to the Louvre. If the building did not house even one piece of art it would be fabulous.

Lunch at the Canadian Pub. The waitress was from Vancouver. We did a dry run to the train station where we leave from tomorrow. We don't want any surprises. Piece of cake.
In Paris it is definitely about the shoes. You just don't see ladies running around in Keen's. If you happen to see someone in running shoes you know that they are a tourist. FORM OVER FUNCTION BABY.

Sat with a great American couple over dinner last evening. The talk is all about health care. They were wealthy Obama haters. Yikes.

Not sure about the plans for this evening. Nest message will be from the Camino.

Buen Camino.


  1. Hi Gerry and Joanne,
    How can a house be fabulous without art in it! Glad you arrived safely and are surviving! Look after Gerry, Joanne since you are the expert at this. We will miss you weekly visits at the gallery. Enjoy yourselves. Cheers!
    Lesley and Emil

  2. Thanks for this. I hear the weather at home is fabulous while we have had brutal rain. I could sure use a visit to the gallery just about now. Good luck to all with the upcoming Watkinson show. I am sure that all will go swimmingly. We are sore but good. Gerry has one blister but I am free so far. Again have a good one.