Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday September 27

We are in Santo Domingo today. A short day of walking and we have arrived at a beautiful albergue. Better than a five star hotel. Brand new this year.
Logrono was a blast It was the festival of San Mateo and everyone one was out for the festivities. The city is beautiful and it was humming. When in they we joined in. We went out with our Irish friends and joined an American fellow for a feast. They had huge tents set up with long tables and food as far as the eye could see. Paella, octopus, calamari, huge hams the size of which I had never seen before, and of course wine..we are in the Rioja after all. A good time was had by all.
Yesterday was a long walk through the vineyards. The vines are swollen with sweet juicy grapes and the smell of wine-making is in the air. Gerry is developing his own Camino rhythm, and his beat is a little slowere than mine, so we start walking together in the dark of the morning where four eyes are better than two, but then we find our own groove.
Najera, last night, is a big albergue with one hundred bodies in a room. It is an older gang so the snoring is somethingto behold, but last night it wasn´t just the noise, but the smell. Don't these pilgrims shower?
Our friend from Paris showed up last night in terrible shape. You have never seen such feet. Someone took him to the hospital where they bandaged him up, but he is going to have to go home. I really feel badly for him as he is a devout Catholic, and this must be a test of his faith.
Dinner out was fabulous. I had grilled fish with roasted garlic, Gerry had lamb, we both had a big deliciuos salad and a bottle of wine, all for 17 euros. Can't be beat. We have the afternoon ahead to explore. Talk soon.
Buen Camino


  1. swollen feet....overflowing hostels, all snoring and Gerry "the gimp", already falling behind your torrid pace, Jo-Ann. Eileen will meet you at the Hilton in Lisbon on the 30th.
    Whatever the status, a once in a lifetime experience, enjoy.
    Today we celebrate Kyle's 24th and Yom Kippur, so, Gerry, "no soup for you at sundown"

    Toast life- we'll raise a bottle for you guys tonite.

    Eileen and Uncle Steven

  2. Thanks so much. A very happy birthday to Kyle. Have a celebratory Yom Kippur. We actually met a Jewish fellow doing the walk. We will dine with him this evening. Gerry says to shut-up. His words not mine. meet you at the Paradore Eileen.