Friday, September 11, 2009

Saturday, September 12

I just can't sleep. Don't know if it is nerves, excitement, or the huge cup of tea that I had before bed, but I am wide awake.

Went for lunch in Markham with one of my ballet buddies. We visited an old haunt that has changed hands and been given a facelift. The staff have remained, and the food is as good or better than it was. We quite literally roll out of there stuffed to the gills for nine dollars each. It seems wrong somehow, but delicious nevertheless. Back to her house for a good old chin wag-everything from Michael Bryant to cicadas.(not sure of the spelling) She showed me the pictures from her mums recent 90th birthday party. That woman does not have a wrinkle in her face, and is as smart as a tack. Something to celebrate for sure.

Gerry went to the football game with some friends from work. The elderly gentleman beside him bought him a beer, so Gerry gave him his Argo's hat. Gerry hates the Argo's. The fellow was from Sarasota Florida, loves the CFL, and was over the moon about the hat. Go figure.

Well I'll try the bed thing again. Two and a half sleeps.

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