Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday September 16

Rolled into bed and crashed last night. We walked our little feet off again today. Good prep for the Camino I suppose. To the market and then off to the Rodin. We walked the Blvd. St Germain every which way and backwards. I saw every street three times looking for the Louis store fo N. Finally found it. I am really directioally challenged in this city with the streets going in a circle around the Seine.

It is very expensive here. As long as you drink wine and visit museums you are fine..they are about the only things on par or cheaper than at home.

I am in a different internet cafe, not nearly as good as yesterdays because I COULDN'T FIND IT AGAIN. Didn't mean to shout, hit the caps lock by mistake. I am running out of time. talk tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like the fun began before you left...10 seconds late for the bus...yikes...glad you made it...enjoy...Cé made the field hockey team now it's tennis...who knew she would be trying out for all these teams...Sky

  2. There is just no telling. She will never get a lick of homework done between socializing, and now sports.