Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday, October 2

We are in Boadilla today. A lovely albergue with a swimmimg pool , greem grass, and lovely gardens. Our pack just stopped by, but they are continuing on. 30 k is enough for us.

Burgos was a lovely city. it is a brand new albergue behind the cathedral. There were bunk beds in cubby holes..almost private, but the best thing was....each bed had a light...what luxury. we went out for a beer and the waitress dumped the whole thing over Gerry. No apology, no free beer, and she didn´t even bother to mop up the mess. While we awere sitting there a guy came up and took out the gargbage bags from the bin, opened them up, and then started eating the food remains. I wanted to offer him something, but he was crazy and I don´t speak the language so I didn´t. I feel badly about that.
We went on a train ride around the city. it would have been great except that we couldn´t hear a word. the Spaniards yapped all through the english part, and even if I did shut them up with my shushushing we had a kid behind us who screamed the whole time. Delightful.
We gathered a gang for dinner hanging around the cathedral and found am upstairs of a restaurant that would accomadate the sixteen of us. A great time was had by all.

Off to Hantanas yesterday. it is a popular pilgrim stop in the middle of nowhere. You walk and walk and walk and walk...and then just over the lip of the hill is a tiny town nestled in a valley. It has two albergues and a two bars and we ran into our friend from montreal as well as our young pack and many laughs later we rolled into bed. the kids are pushing on and we probably won´t see them again.

Great walk today.

Must run.

Buen Camino


  1. Sounds like you're seeing some, how to put this, interesting people. Rummaging thru garbage bags, spilling beer on Gerry, almost feels like looking out at the parking lot behind the radio station in T.O.JoJo, pump some air into Gerry, keep up with the youngies and for Petesake, Marien, next time people are yapping, tell those, (you know what I'd call them), to button it down.

    Sounds like the time of your life. Enjoy!

    Toronto is into fall, with rain and cold temps, apparently, here to stay.

    We're moving at the end of the month to a new condo along the Lakeshore. Tell you more later.

    Be well, and behave......sometimes.

    Steven and Eileen

  2. The weather here has been great. Fleece in the morning and then t-shirts from about ten onwards. It is really lovely today.
    Make sure we get a forwarding address at some point. It must be a great place if you are moving. I rather like where you are.
    All the best to Kyle and Courtney.
    We are trying to behave!!!!