Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday October 5

We are in Leon today. We cheated a little and took the bus through the outskirts. We were just tired of the straight gravel path, the drizzly weather, and the boring landscape. The hospitalero gave us a bit of grief but we told him that we did walk 20 kms. Leon is a beautiful city and we are out exploring. I have completely walked through my insoles and was able to replace them today.

Yesterdays walk to El Burgo Ranero was straight and boring, but it was a bit overcast and there was a lovely breeze so the 30 k didn´t seem so bad. Quite a lot of the people we have been hanging with took the train from Sahugan to Leon yesterday. One of the Italian fellows has been having such a time with his feet that he finally decided to see the doctor. The Canadian couple gave themselves a dayy off, at the Parador, no less and the little danish girl who wasn´t feeling so well took the train as well. Sahagun is a lovely stop on the way, and the cafe has the best pastry and cookies.

El Burgo Ranero is not much to look at. We made a salad and ate in. I decided to visit the Oki Doki pharmacy to get some cream for my bites, which now look like leprosy. The pharmacist took one look and told me to see the doctor. I don´t think so. I have been dousing them with alcohol and they are looking much better.

Back to real walking tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

Buen Camino

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