Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We truly are no longer pilgrims. We went out for dinner last night with friends; the same place we went the night before with more friends, then it is over. Everyone stays on an extra day and goes to mass to catch up with those who are a day apart, and so three days of walking gets covered. And then it is truly don't know a soul coming in and it is over.

We met a friend for breakfast and then hoofed it over to the bus station and caught a bus for Porto, Portugal. Porto is old and beautiful, but it has been raining today and it sure puts a damper on sightseeing. Tomorrow we will visit a couple of the port producers and see a bit more of the city.Then it is off to Lisbon on Friday.

The hostel is lovely. Much better than our home, and a whole lot cleaner. It was tough to find but worth it. We have a private room that is brand new, and there is only one other person staying here. Tomorrow we will be the only ones. There is a brand spanking new state of the art kitchen and so we made dinner tonight. We have spent a lot of time out and it was great to eat in. Just boring old pasta, but all the ingredients including a bottle of wine cost us 4 euros. It seems to be even cheaper here than in Spain. The gal who works here is artist and exchange student from Latvia. She will photograph me tomorrrow and do a painting of me for a school project.

They have free internet here with laptops supplied. It's great. As well they are providing free breakfast in the morning. Luxury like we haven't experienced.

I will update tomorrow.



  1. So nice to hear your leg is better and that you didn't get bed bugs. How is Gerry finding the whole experience? Hard to believe you'll be back in 3 weeks. We miss you and can't wait to see all the pictures and hear the stories according to you and Gerry.

  2. Dear Les,
    Gerry has been having the time of his life. He can't wait to do the camino again...alone. We are not so great at being tourists but will keep on practising. Hope you and Emil are both well. It will be good to see you both again.