Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday October 30

We arrived in Granada yesterday morning. Another beautiful city with a really laid-back vibe. The hostel is in the Arabic quarter,narrow cobbled sreets, lots of Morrocan food and vendors selling all sorts of things from Nepal etc. Quite a change from the normaƱ Spanish style. Although I am thrilled to be back in Spain for the coffee...the best in the world.

WE walked up to Sacromonte where there are still people living in caves. We visited the museum there...very interesting. The original gypsies came from northern India. Beautiful views overlooking the Alhambra which we will visit this afternoon. Had a delicious shawarma for lunch and then went out on a Tapas tour for dinner. A great way to meet people. We met a lovely couple from Malaysia and had a most interesting discussion. They work for the UN in re-settlement and I am happy to report that we are well-respected for our immigration policy. He is muslim and she is not, and it was very interesting to here what this meant for them under Sharria law.

Today we will go on a walking tour and then visit Alhambra this afternoon. We could only get tickets for four thirty. It is surprisinhgy busy here. I believe the hostel is serving paella and sangria for dinner so I think we will sign on. Iwill repot back. Until then.

Get ready for HaloweƩn.

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