Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday, October 7

We have arrived in San Martin del camino. We should have saved our mulligan!! Today it poured. Not poured. Thunder, lightening, the whole nine yards. Our feet were not wet, they were swimming along the camino. We could pour the water out of our boots. So much for goretex. It is kind of like our health care system-works great if you don´t need it. LOL. The algergue has no hot water and no toilet paper-not one of the better days.

By cheating yesterday we caught up with our young friends and were able to spend a couple of hours together. Gerry and I went out for dinner alone though. He chose the place. Turned out the food was fabulous. The best calamari ever. The glass of wine was an excellent local, served at the perfect temperature in beautiful stemware. The place was tres chic. No pilgrim meal for us last night. Yum.

But it was back to reality at the monestary. They separate the men and woman, but since we were married we got to stay in the married quarters. Be careful what you wish for. An obnoxius Aussie woman drove Gerry crazy.

We are slowly warming up. Time for a glass of wine. Things are looking up already.

Buen Camino


  1. Hi Gerry and Joanne,
    I can just picture you both drenched in the rain but with a smile on your face once you have your glass of wine at the end of it all. We were at Western Homecoming over the weekend and got soaked in a downpour at the football game but at least we went back to a nice hotel and a hot shower afterwards. Hey I met the Heather you know from Glenway. She's been working at our office at Southlake covering for our regular team assistant who's off on sick leave. Very nice person and who's had many amazing exeriences. She said her husband misses Gerry. Keep your spirits up you two. Keep on blogging!

  2. Thanks for this Les. We miss you guys. I am sure that Heather´s Ted misses friday beers with Gerry. Hope all is well in Aurora.