Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday October23

It has taken me ten minutes on the computer just to get here. A mac, a different keyboard, and a moronic operator. We took the high speed train from Porto to Lisbon today. A comfortable fast ride. I read julia Child-s My Life In France and enjoyed every word. I don]t want to ditch it I enjoyed it so much. I have no idea where the apostrophe is, and the o doesn-t really wrk. We are at a hstel that comes very highly rated. We are at least 20 years , OK maybe 30years older than the next youngest guest. They are all here drinking beer. I thought that they came t Prtugal to see the city, but Gerry informs me that they are preparing to go out at eleven. I guess they won't be too impressed when I get up at 6. The location is fabulous mind you, right on the most central street paved in tiles.

We went for a big walk and up to the castle.It is another beautiful city with tiled buildings, red roofs and cobbled streets. We decided to stop in for a glass of wine at a really neat little bar in the middle f a vintage shop. They only served a traditional sparkling white, very tasty.

They are offering dinner at the hostel this evening. Typical barbecued sausage and cheese with wine for 6 euros. You can't beat that,,,even n the camino. We are in a room fr 6. I guess we don;t have to worry about snoring since everyone is under 20. We may have t re-think our accomodation in Lagos mind you. I'll keep you posted.

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