Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday, October 4

This will be quick. We are in temprillos del camino (i think). No matter how far or how little you walk, the last hour or hour and a half is brutal. It was actually a great walk today. Cool mornings, and then t-shirts as the sun rises higher in the sky.

Yesterday in Carrion dos le condes we really lucked out at the monastery. A room to ourselves!!!
We ate a pilgrim meal sitting in the beautiful courtyard and it was eary to bed. Gerry has kicked up a nasty blister on his baby toe, so there was some whing, OK not much, but some. I have some really nasty bug bites on the backs of my knees. I am so paranoid about bed-bugs, but I am pretty sure I got these peeing in the woods.

A rather uneventful Sunday. Absolutely everything shuts down on Sundays in Spain so we had to pick up a few supplies yesterday to get us through the day. Gerry bought a case of small kleenex packages...thought it was better than a huge pack of toilet paper. Needless to say we have been handing them out like candy!

It is a whole new group of pilgrims...rather odd. Most are faces that we haven´t seen before, but we chum with an American gal and a couple from Calgary. The Calgary couple are going to take the train tomorrow to Leon, so we probably won´t see them again. Until next time.

Buen Camino


  1. Joanne and Gerry

    Johanne M gave me your blog address...You forgot us!
    Very entertaining and fun to follow you along your trip. Sounds like quitethe experience...a little medieval like.

    we went to New York 2 weeks ago for the weekend as our summer holiday. Saw Billy Elliot and had 2 fabulous meals. Ryan of course picked the restaurants and Bev the play. Bev wanted 3 plays but was overuled. Food ruled!

    Will keep following


  2. Hi Joanne and Gerry! It's great to catch up on your progress. It sounds like a blast. We just got back from Vietnam with Garry and Alana. (So fun) Garry and Gerry could whine together. Garry has sore tootsies from walking around Hanoi. Joanne take care of those bug bites xx Diana